ATTORNEYS-IN-A-RUSH.COM™ allows solo practitioners and attorneys with smaller firms to have greater access to a potential client base through its subscription services. 

ATTORNEYS-IN-A-RUSH.COM™ utilizes social media and traditional media to drive brand awareness among potential Users of legal services.

For a very reasonable subscription fee, practicing attorneys can have their names and profiles available to a wide-ranging audience of prospective new clients via the ATTORNEYS-IN-A-RUSH.COM™ website and mobile apps.

*Discounts are available for multiple listings from the same law firm.



ATTORNEYS-IN-A-RUSH.COM™ prides itself on providing its Users quick access to qualified attorneys within the specified jurisdictions, using specific search criteria, including choice of language.

ATTORNEYS-IN-A-RUSH.COM™ utilizes social media and other advertising tools to generate brand awareness among Users and attorneys.

ATTORNEYS-IN-A-RUSH.COM™ annual subscription cost is a fraction of what other larger subscription services charge for similar services.

ATTORNEYS-IN-A-RUSH.COM™ has a team of well-trained professionals to answer all your questions prior to any commitment to subscribe to our services. 

ATTORNEYS-IN-A-RUSH.COM™ is committed to ensuring that the legal concerns of its Users are promptly responded to by competent legal professionals.

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